Theory and practical motorcycle tests

Ready to get on the road with your motorcycle? For theory and practical motorcycle tests in Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle, call Roadwise on: 0191 516 9223

Pass your motorcycle riding test with Roadwise

Whether you’re just starting out or ready to get back in the saddle, prepare for your motorcycle riding test with Roadwise and we’ll get you ready to pass first time. With our motorcycle training courses and a complete riding test service, we’re here every step of the way. Call Roadwise today.

Bike and scooter training and tests

Whether you’re learning to ride a moped or scooter or want to upgrade your licence for a high powered motorcycle, call Roadwise and we’ll get you trained and tested.

Flexible learning and testing

– Just starting out? We’ll arrange a training schedule for you

– Upgrading your licence? Get preparation and coaching

– Qualified, friendly instructors and test officials

High pass rates and friendly instructors

Choose a motorcycle training and testing service in Sunderland with a great reputation for first time passes and a friendly, fun approach to motorcycle training.